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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.   Each season comes with blessings as well as trials.

Winter's bitter cold and icy roads clash with the beauty of a blanket of soft snow, cozy days on the couch, and the mythical peace found on a winter walk. But when "Winter" enters into our lives, it is usually thought of as our season of hardship. It finds us asking "How strong am I"? Through loss, illness, or the end of a beautiful chapter in our life, "Winter" has a way of testing our resolve. Putting strategies in place can help you through this season.

Practice Mindfulness.

Become curious about your situation and simply experience it for what it is. Not determining if this is good or bad, but just that it is.

Trust in your own inner strength. Remind yourself how strong you are. Remember the difficult parts of the life journey that you have already overcome and believe you can do it again.

Rest in the knowledge that like Winter, life's tough moments will pass.

These moments are a part of your story. But they do not define you.

Tap into your resources.

God promises in Matthew 28:20 that "He is with us always, even to the end of the age."

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