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New Year! New Me? Setting realistic goals.

Let's talk about obtaining realistic goals. Every January 1st, millions of people will set their best intentions to.. Change. I've spent a lot of time with my girls at the gym with dreams and visions of smooth skinny jeans and lumpless bathing suits come summer, only to find myself in the fitting room trying on loose-fitting sundresses and full coverage suits.. in black! Ugh! What about those best intentions? What about my go-to quote "IF you believe...you achieve"..................................

death of a dream.

Could it be that we are setting unrealistic goals and expectations in these resolutions? Are we quoting positive affirmations we really don't believe? I ask you..do you know anyone who has just fed their bodies decadent desserts, sweet beverages, and calorie-laden sides for the past month or so, and was able to wake up early January 1st and complete a 45-minute extreme workout, drink a protein fruit smoothie for breakfast, leafy greens with a squeeze of lemon for lunch, and boiled chicken breast for dinner and not go into some type of metabolic crisis? Me neither!!

Let's talk about obtaining some realistic goals!

After eating foods that are high in fat and sugar, we humans tend to feel some physical dysfunction in our bodies, as well as feeling irritable and sleepy. Taking the first step into change can be achieved by being smart about it. Eating a healthy diet high in fiber and low in saturated fat is a great place to start. Falling in love with water is also a great beginning..this is where you squeeze the lemon! Nutrition experts say that the foods you eat can help you feel better in the short and long-term.

But think about what works for you! I'm not a nutritionist, and I'm not going to help you pick out a diet menu. As a Life Coach, I will encourage you to set some steps to reach your goal!