What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful conversation that connects you to yourself. It’s a relationship that sees you as already whole, empowered and resourceful. Coaching is mindset training, like physical conditioning, where you flex different muscles in order to align your internal world (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words), with your external world (action, work, family, friends, community). Above all, coaching is unlike any other relationship you will have – a life-changing relationship that you have forever.



Char's approach

My coaching style is Christian based and holistic. I will invite you to look at all parts of your life (relationship with God, health, wealth, career, lifestyle, love, family and community) because everything is connected. It is a co-creative journey – a re-discovery of what it means to be alive.   The simplicity of nature, breathing, yoga, creative explorations, and customized lifestyle strategies will be part of your coaching journey.

The process (not perfection)I will say this a lot

Our coaching sessions begin with a 1-hour Discovery Session by phone or skype. Think of this as a speed date – where we design our unique coaching relationship together. It’s a chance for me to get to understand where you’re at in your life and help you to articulate your dreams, desires, and aspirations.   It’s also a chance for you to hear all about who I am. We will talk about "Moving with a Mission" and start mapping out our journey together.

What’s the investment?-

You are investing in YOU first and foremost, rising up to the challenge of expecting the best from yourself. You are committing to create a clear vision of what you want and the decision to invest in your own learning and growth. 

A vision is not a dream but a reality that has not yet come into existence

                                                                 -Neil Snyder, James Down, and Diane Morse Houghton


What are the coaching

sessions like?

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