A Guide to Your Goals

I am devoted to walking with you through your struggles and challenges in the different seasons of life's transitions.


I am passionate to help you explore strategies and set goals that will help you reach your true potential.

 Change your story...

LIFE...(stuff we have to deal with because we're human).

I'm talking about those struggles and challenges I mentioned up top.

So why not change our relationship to those problems, respect the process. Why not change our relationship to our struggles? Change your attitude and look at it as a remarkable opportunity to learn more about yourself and about life.

I'm different. This means that you as my client will benefit from my ability to "think outside the box" and become curious about your other options, possibilities, and paths that you may not have yet considered!!

I'm legitTrained as a Life Coach, RN, Yoga instructor, trained in body, mind, and spirit coaching, and a Stage 3 cancer survivor, I will use my many resources to meet your needs so that you can achieve your optimal potential.