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Transitional Coaching for women who dare to dream 

I'm so glad you found me!!

Let's get started on

"that life"

you've been dreaming about!

You know what I'm talking about!  Saying "YES" to what you want out of life!  That something that is missing.  That excitement, that aliveness, that seems to be replaced by "other" things.

This is your first bold step into a happier, healthier, life.  It's time to get comfortable in your own skin!  Get ready to feel proud, vibrant, sexy, connected, safe, beautiful, and free.

I'm not about the size 2 jeans, or body shaming.  And forget about the knight in shining armor! I want you to feel free to create your own rules.  Where your life is sprinkled with those unique, gorgeous, gushy moments of your amazing self! 

I've lived life. Finding myself in breathtaking beauty and crushing heartache. But every day is a choice that I've made to meet with gratitude and curiosity.  I chose to move forward!  With God's grace!